CVS SCC plugin for Microsoft Visual Studio
and other compliant IDEs

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NEW see beta page (11-April-2002)

Jalindi Igloo is a program that allows you to connect Microsoft Visual Studio and other IDEs directly to a CVS repository. The program is completely free and can be used anyway you like.

The product consists of a file called igloo.dll which is a connectivity module between visual studio or any SCCAPI compliant IDEs and the cvs2ntslib.dll that is supplied with CVS for NT.

Jalindi Igloo behaves in a similar way to Visual Source Safe when integrated with each IDE. It compliments WinCVS.

To get Jalindi Igloo download the installer zip file here. (version 1.03, 4-Sept-2001). Unzip the files and then run the ‘setup.exe’.

Or if you don’t want the installer version or it doesn’t work then click here.


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