This software is completely free. If you make any software that uses the uses the SCC API then why not send me a free copy so I can continue to test with it.

Unfortunately because of the Microsoft non-disclosure license I cannot release the entire source of the product. However, I have created a tiny library called ‘sccglue’ that hides all the Microsoft proprietary stuff and exposes an object oriented API that is customized towards CVS.

The rest of the source code is here (version 0.988). You will be able to build and debug it in Visual C++.

Igloo does not modify or control CVS in any proprietary way. It essentially calls the standard CVS command line albeit through the ‘cvs2ntslib.dll’. Any calls that appear in the log file could be called directly from the command line.

Because my program works with the standard CVS you can easily debug that part using Visual C++. First download the CVS source from www.cvsnt.org or www.wincvs.org then compile cvs2ntslib.dll or cvs2ntlib.dll in debug mode. Copy it into the igloo installation. Now open the igloo project, set the executable to the IDE you are using and run it.

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