1.1d 11 April 2002 Attempt to stop it hanging with CVS.EXE

1.1b, 21 Mar 2002 Changed Igloo to use the CVS.EXE file. This is really an alpha test!

1.05b, 3-Mar-2002 Beta version that includes support for checking out a revision when opening the whole project from CVS, support for Guiffy and extends the available length of CVSROOT.

1.03, 4-Sept-2001 It was the installer that was broker. Fixed

1.02 3-Sept-2001 Recompiled igloo. It was crashing for some people

1.01 2-Sept-2001 Fixed the log behaviour that I broke in version 1.0. Fix a problem connecting to projects that were checked out with regular CVS. Fixed the project not open dialog when running the native interface.

1.0 23-Aug-2001 I have fixed a number of bugs that cause spurious behavior. Fixed some memory leaks and shutdown crashes. Reduced disk io. Made it to work with NI Test Stand. I have release version 1 because it is quite stable. There are still a number of features that need implementing

0.988 29-July-2001 Fix minor problems with adding projects to source control. Fix problems with diff extension not recognising file paths with spaces in them.

0.985 15-July-2001 Fixed a crash with the Diff extension. Fixed a problem with checking out a project to a top level directory. Completed the integration with Araxis Merge.

0.983 8-July-2001 Fixed a problem where Igloo was not shutting down. Fixed a problem with project checkout. Added the ability to use an external diff command to compare a file with any revision. Started some integration with Araxis Merge when comparing revisions.

0.98 1-July-2001 Added the ability to actually open source control projects from a cvs repository. This has also improved the compatibility with many of the IDEs when connecting to the CVS repository.

0.975 23-June-2001 Fixed a number of serious memory leaks. Made the modules field give you a choice of options. If you check the CVS root it reads the CVSROOT/modules file and adds those modules to the choices. Fixed a problem where .FRX files in Visual Basic were not being checked out properly.

0.97 14-May-2001 Now automatically updates the state of the files in Visual Studio and possibly others when you use WinCVS or CVS. Now remembers previous CVSROOT’s and Vendors on the Create or Connect screen.

0.96 28-April-2001 Startup performance improvements. Made the cancel button work. Verification of a pserver repository now works. Improved the logging messages when trying to connect to a repository. Fixed a problem where the filename case was causing files not to be recognised as part of the repository.

0.954 27-November-2000 Fixed crashing problem with Visual Basic. Enabled login button to work in more situtations. Improved compatibility with Powerbuilder.

0.95 11-November-2000 Addition of Global Settings dialog which includes a normal CVS operating mode and a work offline editing mode. It also includes an option to warn the user if someone else is editing the file. Properties now gives you the current watchers and editors on the file. Fixed a problem using Visual Basic.

0.945 7-November-2000 Fixed some problems with Visual J++. Now runs part of the event loop while processing so that you can see the information in the log window of the Microsoft tools.

0.94 2-November-2000 Fixed the detection of the correct cvs2ntlib.dll. Added some diagnostics incase of a failure to load the cvs2ntlib. Made the remove file commit the change automatically.

0.92 26-October-2000 When checking out a file Igloo now runs an update on the file before doing an edit. This is more consistent normal source control systems

0.91 22-October-2000 Fixed many of the problems with creating a remote repository. Now detects the best cvs2ntlib.dll to use. Fixed the uncheckout command. It now asks user any relevant questions. Fixed incompatibilities with Codewright and Kawa. Fixed problems using repository locally. Ensured that any error on a Non-Microsoft IDE pops up a results dialog.

0.89 20-October-2000 Removed the quotes from the log messages. Fixed some problems that prevented some people from using the pserver.

0.85 19-October-2000. Add the ability to create a repository and a module

0.83 18-October-2000. Improved Visual Age compatibility

0.82 16-October-2000. Some fixes to help it work with Rational Rose. Now shows history and difference logs in a window with Allaire HomeSite. Display an error dialog if it fails to find a CVS directory when connecting to a project. Used InstallShield for product installation

0.78 15-October-2000


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